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Marigold “Goldie” Locks Arrested for Burglary

EFPD HEADQUARTERS, ENCHANTED FOREST – Over the past few years, the quaint community of the Enchanted Forest has seen innumerable crimes go unsolved, leaving many residents feeling uncertain about the safety of their happily ever afters. Late last night, the Enchanted Forest’s Chief of Police Grizz Christian Lee announced that officers had a breakthrough in the Bayer Burglary case.


Marigold “Goldie” Locks, 23, was arrested yesterday evening and charged with burgling the Bayer family household last week while they were on a mid-morning walk through the park. According to Detective Andersen, lead investigator on the case, Locks is believed to have broken a window pane in the front door of the house in order to unlock the door. When inside, Locks raided the family’s pantries, broke a chair, and proceeded to sleep in all three of the family’s beds. Mr. and Mrs. Bayer reported finding Locks sleeping in their child’s bedroom, but escaped shortly before police arrived on the scene.


“It’s just awful what they’ve gone through this year. Especially the little one,” said Red Riding Hood, a neighbour of the Bayer family. “I mean, first his parents’ divorce…well not divorce but everyone knows that they’re separated. I even heard that they sleep in different beds in different rooms. Anyway, I can’t imagine having to watch as your parents fall out of love and then you come home to find that some stranger has broken into your house. It’s just awful.”


Locks is expected to plead guilty to all charges due to the vast amount of forensic evidence placing her at the scene of the crime, including fingerprints, hair samples, and saliva found on multiple spoons in the house.


According to Detective Andersen, a reduced sentence can be expected as Locks has brought forth information relevant to the Hansel and Gretel kidnapping case of 2010.