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Norm and Gord Discuss the Marvel Cinematic Universe

This monthly column features a titillating discussion between brothers Norman and Gordon McLuhan from Moose Jaw.

This month’s column is sponsored by The Walt Disney Company. Disney – profiting off the dreams of children since 1923. 


Norm: Good day, I’m Norm McLuhan, and this is my brother, Gord – 


Norm: – and today we’re gonna discuss – 

Gord, still humming the MCU theme: DUH DUH DUH-DUHHHHHHHH

Norm: – and today we’re gonna discuss the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Gord: Aw heck ya, I’m stoked, eh. Call me “Tony Stoke.” 

Norm: Is that a pun on Tony Stark’s name?

Gord: No, that’s my superhero name, ya hoser. I’m so stoked that they call me “Tony Stoke.”

Norm: Not “Stoke-Man?” Or “the Stoke?”

Gord: Oh, what about, like, “Iron Stoke?”

Norm: Why… Why would you be “the Iron Stoke?”

Iron Stoke: Not “the Iron Stoke.” Just “Iron Stoke.”

Norm: Ok, why “Iron Stoke.” 

Iron Stoke: Well it would be pretty dumb to be the “Brass Stoke,” eh Norm?

Norm: Well then, what would be my hero name, Gord?

Iron Stoke: It’s Iron Stoke. And Norm, ya know, yer more of a, uh, villain.

Norm: C’mon, Gord, I’m sure you’ve got a name for me. 

Iron Stoke: The… Stern Disapprover. Shamer of the joyful, the ebullient, the exuberant. The Dream Killer, Heart Smasher – 

The Stern Disapprover: Geez, Gord, I didn’t – 

Iron Stoke:  – and you are my sworn enemy. I, Iron Stoke, will crush you to spare others the pain you have caused me. 

The Stern Disapprover: This has been Norm and Iron Stoke – 

Iron Stoke: Fuckin’ fight me, eh – 

The Stern Disapprover: – discussing the MCU.