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Investigation into EngSci Common Room’s Reek Reveals New Bacterium

A new bacterium was discovered last week in the EngSci common room. The bacterium, named porcinum ingeniorum, was discovered during a recent study on why the Engineering Science Complex, known colloquially as “the Sty,” maintains its reputation as one of the worst-smelling facilities on campus.

Samples taken from the common room by respirator-clad graduate students of the Chou Lab at the Institute of Molecular Genetics were analyzed and sequenced. The researchers were able to isolate the new bacterium and now believe it to be the cause for the poor odor of the common room. Although the bacterium has not been observed before, genetic analysis revealed it to be close cousins with a microbe commonly found in swine.

Although the cause of the smell is finally known, getting rid of it will be more difficult, according to Dr. Chou. “We tested several types of antibiotics against the bacterium, but none proved effective,” he stated. “The only treatment we know of at the moment is dropping into Mech.” Dr. Mark Porkchop, Chair of EngSci, did not return our calls for comment.