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Norm and Gord Discuss…. 2020

This monthly column features a titillating discussion between brothers Norman and Gordon McLuhan from Moose Jaw. This month’s column is sponsored by Assassin’s Creed. It ain’t historically accurate but what would you rather do, go to a history class or go stabby-stabby in vaguely historical locales? That’s what we thought.

Norm: Hi there. I’m Norm McLuhan and this is my brother, Gord –

Gord: Ho there.

Norm: – and today, we’re discussing 2020.

Gord: Well, why would we do that, Norm?

Norm: Gord.

Gord: Yes, Norm?

Norm: Before we keep goin’, lemme ask you one question.

Gord: Go ahead.

Norm: When I said that we’re discussin’ 2020, you didn’t think I was talkin’ about 20/20 vision, did ya?

Gord: What? That’s crazy, Norm.

Norm: I’m gonna need you to say that you didn’t think I was talkin’ about 20/20 vision.

Gord: Why would I think we were talkin’ about 20/20 vision, Norm?

Norm: I don’t know, Gord. But, every month, you find a way to mix up what we’re talkin’ about and I correct you and we run outta time before we even start talkin’ about the actual topic.

Gord: Aren’t you sort of takin’ up all our time right now?

Norm: Of course, I am but you still haven’t answered the question so I’m gonna keep asking.

Gord: NO! I didn’t think you were talkin’ about 20/20 vision, Norm. I know you were talkin’ about the year.

Norm: Okay. Then why were you askin’ about why we were talkin’ about it?

Gord: Well, the year’s not over yet now is it?

Norm: Course not, Gord. But we’ve gotta pre-tape this for January and the year’ll be over by then.

Gord: That makes sense. We’re out of time, aren’t we?

Norm: Yep. This has been Norm and Gord –

Gord: This is a video show.

Norm: – discussing 2020.