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Point-Counterpoint: Everyday Fast Food is Irresponsible and Unhealthy vs Why Do You Hate Small Business?

Getting takeout every day, especially fast food, is both financially irresponsible and incredibly bad for one’s health. Countless studies have shown that fast food is extremely high in fat, cholesterol, sodium and countless other ingredients that have an adverse impact on a person’s health. Moreover, all takeout places charge you for food preparation, making daily takeout much more financially burdensome than even buying some Kraft Dinner at a grocery store and throwing it in the microwave. 


Lemme ask you one question. Why do you HATE small business? 


What, I never said that! 


It seems like you’re trying to get people to stop supporting small businesses in the middle of an economic catastrophe. 


Listen, I’m all for supporting small businesses, especially now. But no one needs takeout seven days a week. Besides, most fast food places are global ch– 


You probably think the government should be running all businesses with everyone sucking at Big Brother’s teat, you stinking communist. 


…I think you might need to take a break from the Facebook “debates” for a little while. 



For fucks sake