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Point-Counterpoint: Quarantine is so BORING vs Yeah, Tell Me About It

Staying at home all day is so boring, I swear I’ve run out of Tik Toks to keep myself busy. I just woke up from my 3pm nap and started scrolling through my feed but I’ve already learned the Renegade so what’s even the point. God, why is my life so hard? 


Yeah, tell me about it. I’ve changed three diapers today but that sounds really hard. 


I know! It’s like, where do I even store my 8 24-packs of toilet paper? Pretty soon, I’m gonna need to start showering again so I can use the toilet paper to dry myself off. 


Wow, that’s rough. This morning, I didn’t have time to shower because I was prepping a lesson plan for my 6-year-old while breast-feeding my baby. 


Wow, TMI. Anyways, all my profs at school are being pains. It’s like, “No, I won’t turn on my camera you pervo, and it’s illegal for you to even ask me that. I should have you fired.”  


Yeah, my kid is crying in the next room so I’m gonna go. 


Huh, okay. I guess my life is too hard for normal people to hear about, but whatever.