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A Guide to U of T: The Flora

Rainforest: Medical Science Building

A rare exhibit found north of College Street, experts are still unsure if the forest was planted there or if the building was built around it. A quick look reveals two benches within this forest, likely built from the wood of surrounding trees.

The vegetation can be described as tall, misplaced, and dying.

Desert: King’s College Circle

What appears to be a field full of beautiful grass is just an impression achieved by strategically placed flower arrangements. Autumn rain dissolves most of the field, turning what was once (about 50 years ago) a center of campus activity into a muddy slip-and-slide-into-the-Earth.

Fortunately, the Circle gets covered by a thick layer of ice and snow over the winter break, when no one is there to enjoy the convenient shortcut. This layer then melts with the arrival of Spring, revealing the shoe-trap once more.

Hedge Maze: Trinity Quad

The Trinity quad is a sanctuary for the aristocratic Trinity College students. Here they can find refuge from the non-Trinity plebes with which they must interact on campus. Visiting Trinity College during the first few weeks of classes is a prime way to get yourself scoffed at and have your familiarity with the works of Franz Kafka harshly scrutinized.

An Actual Community: Behind Robarts

Technically part of the campus, the neighborhoods south-east of the Bloor and Spadina intersection are hosts many species. Some students have even chosen to build their nests here to reduce the need to venture far when the struggle becomes real.

Conveniently located at the centre of this region is a park, which serves as an oasis for both kindergarten and university students.

Badlands: St. Mike’s

While the physical resemblance is missing, the pun is not. Many brave souls have ventured into these Northeastern lands, but few have returned. To this day they refuse to talk about the experience.