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Actionable ways to save our climate <3

  1. Use half a paper towel instead of a full one.

Using a full paper towel is honestly so wasteful. I mean, not all of us have the luxury to buy multiple rolls every day, some of us have to survive on only THREE rolls a day. That’s why we all need to keep a very close eye on our paper towel consumption. If you actually cared about the climate, you’d be doing this already. If you haven’t been doing this, then it would be great if you could actually start caring about something that’s not you, for once. Honestly, there’s no need for a full paper towel anyway. What are you trying to do, build a paper towel tent?

  1. Catch rain in your mouth instead of drinking from water fountains to save water.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you don’t already do this, it’s embarrassing. It’s a statistical fact that 3 metric cubed meters of water are wasted daily when rain falls. For context, that’s about 74 puddles worth of water. For context, that’s the amount of water you would get if you dipped sixteen sweaters in a lake and then wrung them out and then threw them away and measured out 3 metric cubed meters of water (um, why were you even dipping your sweaters in the lake? there are bugs in there. ew).

  1. Save electricity by lighting a fire in your house instead of using the oven.

We all know that the ovens are the #1 pollutant in the world. So, do the planet a favor and don’t turn yours on! Just use the oven as a fire pit and find some coal to burn. Then, wrap your food in tin foil, toss it in, order some food from the restaurant next door, take your tinfoil out of the oven, throw it away, and dinner has become so sustainable! You’ll find that you’ll forget ovens were ever meant to be turned on! 

  1. Save endangered animals by taking a crow home with you!

Crows are horribly endangered animals and they need our help. I saw you switch to paper straws for the turtles, but do you care as much about our poor crows? If you see one, please take it home with you and take care of it. Crows are honestly really simple and easy to take care of. Because of their small size, they only need about 30 cm3 of space and, fun fact, they don’t actually eat or drink anything, so taking care of them is super simple! They’re suffering in the wild, please be generous and take one home.

  1. To conserve air, try to avoid breathing when possible!

This one is also super simple! It’s like, when you breathe in air and bring it into your lungs, breathe out, and then just stay like that! It’s actually even easier than not breathing because it takes less energy (so you’re saving air and energy, which is super sustainable!). If you think this sounds like it will help us reverse climate change, you’re absolutely right – it actually will! 

Remember, if we all work together, we can stop climate change!