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Interview with MAT137 student: “I’m saving the environment by not using shampoo and water”

Interviewer: “Good afternoon and welcome to the interview, how are you doing?”

Student: “∀ ε>0, ∃ δ>0 s.t. 0 < |x − 137| < δ ⇒ |420x − 69| < ε

I: “What does showering mean to you?”

S: “If there exists a shower, then there must exist a 137 student who is failing 137”

I: “Did they brainwash you?”

S: “Get on with the interview, this is 10 missed minutes of possibly dragging up my mark by 0.01%.”

I: “You seem to be committed to your grade; what is your grade currently in MAT137?”

C: “Next question.”

I: “Wha-”

C: “Next question.”

I: “What do you think of the email sent on October 18th regarding–”

C: “‘EMAIL’?! Try BEING there yourself. There is NOTHING I could do to recover. It was… barely human…”

I: “Ok, sorry, jeez. On that note, the main point of the interview: why do you believe that you are saving the environment by not showering? Especially given… the previous circumstances…”

C: “See, it’s a very simple matter, actually. Not only do you save shampoo and water, but you also save time and energy! In fact, here is a rigorous proof. If you let–”

I: “I think that’s time! Thanks for the interview and good luck passing—oh my goodness, so sorry I just spilled my air freshener ALL OVER you! My apologies!”