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Say no to climate change: It can’t happen if you don’t consent.

What is climate change? Climate change occurs when the earth’s ozone layer is depleted

which allows a lot of the sun’s harmful UV rays to enter the atmosphere and causes an overall

increase in global temperatures. How does the ozone layer get depleted? This occurs when

products containing harmful CFC compounds are used extensively, such as refrigerants, aerosols and much more. How do we stop climate change so the earth may be preserved for future generations? Just. Say. NO!!!

Let’s think about this logically, okay? Maybe WE are at fault for this mess of ‘global warming’ that those stupid climate activists keep bitching about. Maybe climate change is only happening cause nobody has told the climate NOT to change. Has anyone ever considered telling the sun to stop being so hot? How about the ozone layer, did anyone ever think to tell her to stop being such a whore and opening up for every possible CFC that comes her way? What about the polar ice caps, has anyone even tried to tell them to get a grip and stop fucking melting the second it gets a little hotter up there than usual?

Honestly, I fully believe that we all have the power to stop climate change. How can it happen if we don’t consent???

If we say no to all the things that contribute towards climate change, everything will just go back to normal and Greta Thunberg can just go back to highschool and suffer through pre-calc like the rest of us had to.

Here are some examples of the biggest things that you can refuse to consent to, which will inevitably stop climate change.

Don’t consent to the sun being extra hot; if the sun is burning you, just tell it to fuck off.

Don’t consent to the increasing allergens and water-borne diseases from the melting of ice caps; its your body, your choice, so you can choose not to be sick or allergic to anything you want.

Don’t consent to the CFC’s being harmful; if you wanna spray your febreeze, just tell it not to go all the way up to the ozone layer and just stay in your bathroom so you can convince your boyfriend that you are the only person in the world who doesn’t need to shit to survive.

YOU have the power to kickstart change and make a difference, I believe in you. Join the group that will actually put an end to global warming. No means no. Let’s remember that climate change can’t happen if we don’t consent.